Membership & Benefits

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Your membership is only $100 for 2017-2018 financial year.


When you join the Wingham Chamber of Commerce you become a part of the bigger picture. The Wingham Chamber of Commerce is affiliated with the Manning Valley Business Chamber and as a member you can opt in to become a member of NSW Business Chamber, another wonderful bonus of being a member of the Chamber.

  1. Receive a business listing, image or logo and direct link to your website from the Chamber website (see our membership page).
  2. Promote your business in the Chamber pages in the Wingham Chronicle.
  3. Market your business internally with other Chamber of Commerce members.
  4. Have a say in, or even initiate, business decisions that directly or indirectly impact on the businesses in Wingham.
  5. Be a business that supports the town in which they live and  encourage others to do likewise.
  6. Be part of a group that larger organisations, such as Council, recognise as being community spokespeople.
  7. Receive access to Chamber of Commerce resources like State Chamber Industrial Relations information.
  8. Actively participate in town events such as the Christmas Carnival and actively participate in any promotions that may accompany or be separate from (e.g. Chamber pages in the Wingham Chronicle).
  9. Take the opportunity to attend networking functions including business after hours and business breakfasts.
  10. Benefit from referrals Business to Business.