Our Chamber


  • Provide leadership to build a vibrant business community.
  • Actively stimulate business growth and development.
  • Support the overall economic and social well-being of the local community.

Our Objectives 

  • To create a pleasant shopping environment for tourists and locals.
  • To improve our environmental credibility.
  • Strengthen the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Support local business.
  • Support the local community.


Our executive committee works hard to ensure that our Chamber is alive and vibrant.  Current members are working on some fabulous new initiatives including our strategic plan for 2016 to 2020.  We want to head towards 2020 with a stronger voice, a more vibrant business community and a collaborative approach to doing business. Come join us to make history in the Manning Valley.
President – Liz Jarvis – CSI Business Solutions
Secretary – Whitney Barrett
Treasurer – Simon Brown – Holiday Coast Credit Union
Vice President – Kevin Ellis – Kev’s Handyman Services
Membership – Peter Trood – Bellbird Hill B&B
Publicity Officer – Donna Carrier – Bent on Food

Executive Roles


The President’s role is to guide the Executive and run the meetings. The President is expected to be generally across all current issues and has a wealth of contacts at the local political, Council and business level. The President is also one of the representatives on the Manning Valley Business Chamber and attends their  meetings to ensure that Wingham has a strong voice. The President liaises with Local Government representatives and is generally the face of the Chamber.

Vice President

Assists the President generally.


It is the job requirement of the Secretary to take minutes at the monthly business meetings. These are then distributed to members.


The Treasurer prepares the financial statements and other reports for the Chamber, presenting a summary at each general meeting.

The Chamber has a Facebook page www.facebook.com/winghamchamberofcommerce where all events are highlighted, members businesses profiled and likees kept up-to-date with community happenings.


Chamber graph


The Chamber works tirelessly in applying for grants and funding for community projects. In recent years the Chamber has received the following funding.  We continue to apply for a variety of grants for the betterment of the community.

Regional Township Funding  $50,000 for Place Activation – June 2017

Small Community Grant         $5,000 for CBD Business Plan

WorkCover Grant                      $500 for office establishment

Small Community Grant         $2,500 for office equipment

FRRR                                                  $5,000 for banners and signs

Street Beautification               $180,000 for Bent Street

Shade Sails                                    $50,000 for McCullaghs car park

Street Banners part of tourism funding


Chamber support